Telex Aviation Headsets Call Us- +91-96508-97775

Telex headsets are engineered for pilots who share our passion for sound clarity.

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AVIPLAN design & operations The leading software package for airport airside planning, design and operations. Call Us- +91-96508-97775 Learn more Telex Aviation Headsets Call Us- +91-96508-97775

Telex headsets are engineered for pilots who share our passion for sound clarity.

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Fujinon Binoculars or Technologies Call Us- +91-96508-97775

At Fujinon, we are continuously innovating creating new technologies, products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere.

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Transoft Solutions

Software solutions tailored for airport planners, engineers, architects and operators...

Fujinon Binoculars

A legacy that strives for professionalism and advancement in technology

Telex Aviation Headset

For more than 50 years, telex innovations have provided pilots with the quality communications they depend on for safe, enjoyable flying.

About Eclipse Technologies

Established in 2004, ECLIPSE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.(Eclipse Techno) has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers of Aviation Headset, Pilots Headset, Fujifilm Digital Camera, Antique Binoculars in India. We’ve been innovators in Eclipse Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s strategic Aviation electronic light speed products in India and have been authorized distributors for major brands. Our service levels are second to none. From aviation to marine, automotive to fitness, communication solutions to outdoor recreation, we have it all. Eclipse Technologies is committed to bringing the best of technologies to customers, available worldwide – be it navigation expertise or bringing the expertise in any other field of requirement. Eclipse Technologies works one-on-one with each of its customers to offer quality and reliability at a competitive price. We provide these all products as per the seasonal offers.

Why Choose Us?


Why Choose AVIPLAN?

AviPLAN delivers a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals.


Save Time With AVIPLAN

Working with AviPLAN’s comprehensive, highly accurate specifications library of aircraft, ground support vehicles and passenger boarding bridges means less time sourcing information and more time producing results.


Reduce Project Costs

AviPLAN’s powerful features allow users to define and adjust aircraft maneuver and stand planning parameters “on the fly” – ensuring that tasks that previously took days or weeks can now be done in hours or even minutes.


What about Compatibility?

AviPLAN is compatible with all the major CAD platforms most recent versions including: Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Bentley® MicroStation® and Bricsys® BricsCAD®.


New & Improved! Fillet Design

Plan and design taxiway intersections according to ICAO, EASA or FAA regulations.


Improved! Stand Design

Plan and design with improved airplane grouping and positioning algorithms and tools.

Transoft SolutionsMain Services

Airside Planning
and Design

Analyze and optimize aircraft
maneuvering and parking areas

Analyze and optimize aircraft

Assess infrastructure bottlenecks by simulating flows of passengers and aircraft

Obstacle Limitation

Evaluate obstacles on and around the airport to ensure safe aircraft operations

Evaluate obstacles or aircraft operations

Aircraft data for everyone involved in
airport planning and operations.

Telex Aviation Headset

Echelon 20

Big passive ANR (Aviation noise reduction) headset for Pilots and all. Telex Aviation Headset for Sale.

Air 3100 ANR

Air 3100 Medium lightweight aviation headset with noise  Reduction amplified, noise remover electronic microphones for pilots and Airlines Sector Peoples.

Air 3500 ANR

Medium lightweight aviation headset Noise reduction with double power, comfortable and 25 dB of passive Aviation noise reduction (ANR).

 Airman 750 ANR

High light-weight aviation headset with passive noise reduction. Most of pilots like this type of Headset for working purpose

Fujinon Binoculars Series

TECHNO-STABI Series(TS-X 1440)

Binoculars with image stabilization for vibration-free viewing and long range Visionary a subject to multi vibrations, mostly usable for Army combat, marine

LB150 Series  ED-SX long Range

The top-of-the-line large binoculars featuring 50×150 high super range superior night-time light-powers.

STABISCOPE Series(S1640)

Binoculars Stabiscope with high definition image-stabilization for multi vibration-free viewing high Visionary from boats, automobiles & other places subject to vibrations.

Mariner Series(7 × 50 WPC-XL)

Marine-uses binoculars that combine water-resistance with lightness and durability. and high range binoculars for a marine experts.

More than 25 Years
of Experience

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