AutoTURN Online

The Premier Online Solution For Performing Turn Simulations

AutoTURN Online provides users with a quick and reliable solution for performing forward and reverse vehicle swept path turning maneuvers to evaluate vehicle access on a variety of projects.Start simulating vehicle turning paths online from any PC or Mac with an internet connection. With AutoTURN Online, there’s nothing to install. Just the vehicles and tools you need to analyze swept paths in seconds – done all through your browser! You don’t need to have an existing CAD platform to use AutoTURN Online. Working with AutoTURN Online you simply:

  • Import an image (aerial jpeg, png, etc) or drawing (dfx) file.
  • Choose the design vehicle and perform the turning simulation.
  • Then save the simulation or export them back to CAD.


Take the complicated calculations out of the equation

AutoTURN does the math for you. Eliminate the challenges of calculating curves and modeling vehicles with different steering capabilities. Using a vehicle of your choice, AutoTURN will compute the space requirements and show you the results, so you can focus on the important safety and operational components of your design.

Boost productivity and explore the best design options

Save time and make better decisions. Quickly create simulations and check multiple maneuvers for all vehicles accessing the site. Smart tools and automated processes help increase productivity and reduce human errors. Great for discovering the best design option or modeling more complex scenarios such as traffic calming and site circulation analysis.

Tackle complex urban design and complete streets projects

Embrace the future of urban design. With AutoTURN Pro, you can simulate the movement and turning requirements of a variety of bicycle types to validate your design is safe for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike..

Test your design with a vast array of vehicles

AutoTURN Pro includes over 1300 vehicles in its manufacturer-specific and standard design vehicle libraries, so you can run a robust swept path analysis. Quickly search by library name and apply filters to define results. You can also set custom vehicle groups that match your country or local area design.

Visualize the impact in 3D

Run 3D simulations to check for potential conflicts with terrain and infrastructure or for presentation purposes. With AutoTURN Pro you can also easily illustrate, vehicle paths maneuvering forward and backward..

Review your results with quality diagnostic tools

The automated tools ensure your design aligns with the guidelines and safety requirements of local transportation agencies. You can also readily check any manually produced simulations to ensure key parameters meet design criteria. Produce detailed reports so that reviews can be done by peers or others—meaning you can get a quicker stamp of approval on your design..

Autoturn Online Features

Export Simulations

Import a dxf file from your project to AutoTURN online, evaluate one or multiple turn simulations and export a dxf file of the simulations that you can import back into your CAD platform..

Model Complex Simulations

Perform forward and reverse simulations for different design vehicles. When generating forward simulations control the speed, superelevation and friction for each section of the simulation…


Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 9 and up
Google® Chrome® version 19 and up
Mozilla® Firefox® version 13 and up
Apple® Safari® version 5.1 and up
Full support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems
Workstation: Windows® 7, Windows® 8/8.1, Windows® 10
English, French, German, Polish

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