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Simtra Aerotech AB of Sweden are known world over for its products like PathPlanner A5 and PathPlanner R3. For more than ten years Simtra successfully has provided software tools for professional engineers and architects in the field of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure. Simtra specialize in CAD based application software that simulates maneuvering and swept paths of aircraft, vehicles and other objects.

Designers and decision makers, world wide, involved in layout design of airports, roads, terminals and other infrastructure projects use this tool to get the best out of the available space. Whenever there is a need to accurately evaluate space requirements for moving and stationary vehicles, these products are seen as efficient tools used by respected and well known customers in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Customers List includes Big Names like: Airbus, Boeing Long Beach, Aeroports de Montreal, Miami International Airport , Ramboll Copenhagen, Fraport, Frankfurt Airport Air France , Los Angeles World Airport . In India customers like Airport Authority of India, GMR Delhi International Airport Limited, CIDCO Mumbai are already using this engineering tool.

PathPlanner A5


This is a modular Airport Design Software divided into 4 different modules. Base Module is a must for all other modules. Each module hold different features and library content for different user needs. PathPlanner Airport Software is:

• The most comprehensive software available, 
•  Have the most comprehensive libraries available
•  Structured to be the most cost effective software for every user.

PathPlanner Roads

This is a Civil Engineering Design Software for Vehicle movement design. The Software is probably the most price competitive Software on the Market. Some short highlights:

• Library and Vehicle Design editor
• Tracking points on or off the Vehicle as well as speed setting.
• Edits, stores and retrieves unlimited variations of your design 
• Forward or reverse movements including multiple vehicle configurations.

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