SCOTTY at Aeroindia 2009

Scotty Group Austria GmbH is participating at Aeroindia 2009 at Airforce Station Yelehanka, Bangaluru from February 11 to 15th of January. Booth no.26.22, Hall C. Scotty will be performing daily live video connections from a DA42 Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) aircraft flying in Austrian airspace, directly transmitted through Satcom to our booth. For appointments Contact:

PathPlanner A5 Training in India

In association with Simtra Aerotech AB of Sweden, Eclipse Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is pleased to announce the dates for the second international training of PathPlanner A5 in India. Training program is scheduled from 16th to 19th of March 2009. For more details contact - or

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"GEN-X is a new generation of Electronic Flight Bags from DAC International.  Designed and built specifically for aircraft use.  GEN-X is designed to withstand 30+ G's and handles Extreme turbulence, high altitude and explosive decompression.   GENESYS is the bundled software application package of the GEN-X Class 2 / Class3 EFB.  The GEN-X EFB is compatible with your choice of electronic chart data from either Maptech, Jeppesen or Lido.
PathPlanner A5.
This is a modular Airport Design Software divided into 4different modules. BaseModule is a must for all othermodules.Each module hold different features :
PathPlanner Roads.
This is a Civil Engineer--ing Design Software for Vehicle movement design.The Software is probably the most price competitive Software on theMarket. Some short highlights:
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