The history of FUJINON Binoculars began in 1947, with the release of Meibo 6x25MM.

Although small, it was loved by numerous users as a binocular with advanced optical performance, and became a foundation for FUJINON in its expansion as a general optical instrument-maker.

Adding improvements to the specifications and launching a number of new items to the world, FUJINON Binoculars have obtained absolute reliability, especially among professional users. The optical performance, reliability, robustness, and ease-of-use in the toughest of nature's surroundings… our uncompromising attitude towards producing Binoculars has been highly praised.

Also, while developing products for professionals that combine the latest technologies in optronics and electronics, we have continued to release products that provide professional specifications to general users. FUJINON will continue developing optical instruments for people, whether professional or amateur, who wish to face “nature” fully.

Fujinon is a world leader in the automation of the lens production and assembly. Fujinon has developed top-class Binoculars, especially for the professionals and semi professionals for various applications including surveillance. Products range from 7x50 model through the 40x150 ED, one of the largest Binoculars in the world.

In the new Fujinon “SX” series Binoculars, every lens and prism surface is coated with a special new EBC (Electron Beam Coating) process. The result is an overall brightness factor of 95% across the full visible spectrum – images up to some 15% brighter than others.

FMT/MT Series
TECHNO-STABI (Stabilization Binoculars)
LB150 Series (Large Binocular)
COMPACT Binocular
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