Features - Standard design vehicle libraries
PathPlanner R3 incorporates national standard vehicle libraries such as AASHTO (US) and libraries from many other countries such as, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK.
Exchange information on design vehicles and simulation results, thus improving productivity of the project team.
Features - Comprehensive vehicle creation capabilities
The software assists in creating and modifying vehicles. It allows you to model single vehicles and (semi-)trailer combinations with optional rear steered axles. The user friendly interface let you define properties such as cabin layout, load, and coupling-types.
Features - Advanced track building

The heads-up track building is intuitive and gives instant results. Simply drag the vehicle to the desired location, or target existing lines, or use the automatic follow function to accurately trace lines. Tracks can be built with standard or user defined tracking points attached to the vehicle, with or without an offset. Complex reverse maneuvers can easily be simulated.

Features - Parking of vehicles

Park vehicles in your drawing by simply inserting them with various reference points.

Features - Animation and plotting

Easy and flexible plot setup of vehicle body, vehicle swept path, wheel-track surface and user defined plot elements. Swept path areas are easily hatched to enhance the appearance of the simulation. Animations can be viewed in your CAD program, in real-time or other speeds.

Features - Technical reports and simulation
PathPlanner R3 generates a technical report in rich text format that is compatible with for example Microsoft Word. Reports include images, a steering angle diagram and simulation data. Simulations can be saved, retrieved, hidden, erased and grouped, keeping you in control over your work.


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